.Awesome Exposed.: Team Six Stealth Helicopter Used In Osama Mission


torsdag den 5. maj 2011

Team Six Stealth Helicopter Used In Osama Mission

The tail of the super secret stealth black hawk.
Wow, look at this. Special hardware for super top secret elite troops....it does not get cooler. Check out the super short tail blades. I've red experts say that the sound omitted from this beast blends in so well with background noise that you would not know this birdie was gunning for you before it was right above you!

It sounds likely as the neighbours to Osamas hideout said that they heard nothing until the chopper was just above them and all hell went loose! Due to complications, possibly engine failure, the chopper had to be left, but not before 26 of the deadliest soldiers on earth destroyed it in the spare time they had from killing the most wanted terrorist in the world...yeah, these guys are the definition of awesome.

This is a sketch-up of what the chopper could have looked like. Bad ass.
More pictures

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Mike sagde ...

I want one. Now.

kxxthanxx sagde ...

did it crash?

apothecarie sagde ...

oh man, this is so sweet.

Dave sagde ...

The concept art looks awesome

Lou_BRK sagde ...

one for x-mas please

Fortune sagde ...

Killed it self because it could never be that awesome.

Loev sagde ...

Haha, just heard this one - Talk Abbottabad place to hide.

tony sagde ...

i am truly fascinated by this. great post. awesome pictures.

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