.Awesome Exposed.: 2011-05-08


fredag den 13. maj 2011

Awesome Stuff #1

Hey Guys,

I was thinking of doing a weekly/bi-weekly roundup of all the cool stuff I find online, here's a preview and please do tell me if you like it, have categories you'd like more than others and general feedback!

Otherwise, enjoy cool stuff.
The all new Jaguar C-X75 with a freaking turbine engine! 

Apparently floating awesome 2 person sofa, with mighty smart looking books under. Just take a look at those red ladies shoes, they love this stuff. Feel like a smarty-alpha-male in this beauty!

Click to see more great finds! 

tirsdag den 10. maj 2011

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Cover Art
You've heard the rumors; now get the facts. Ezio's final chapter will bring the answers that fans have been waiting four years to uncover. Yes, great news or what guys? The new Assassins Creed Revelations has finally been officially confirmed! It has been said to come out in November!

Looks like Ezio still has a couple of 12 -story-building-leap-hidden-blade-double-kills left in him.

This time around you will have three playable characters namely Ezio, Altäir and Desmond. Wonder how that is going to work out? Uncover a brand new part of the world as Ezio travels abroad for the first time to explore the wonders of Constantinople at the height of the Ottoman Empire. Awesome.
.Honestly, I didn't very much like the Desmond part of the series. The main part, you know being the most extravagant assassin to ever live, was more than enough for me and I feel like they could have made a story just set in that time without the need for the whole memory-part.

Here are links to the first screenshot which works very well as a wallpaper.

I'd like to share my favourite moments playing Assassin's Creed.
Obviously the strength of the game is very much climbing, just climbing can be so cool. It is so well done and I always strive to make it as fluent as possible also if I see something really tall I have to get to the top no matter what, and hopefully there is a tiny stack of hay 200 meter below, so I won't have to crawl down, but merely leap to safety, quickly and easily, well-assured that hay had slightly different abilities those hundreds of years ago. Not like today's weak, stupid, sissy hay. 

Two of the most awesome things is also; the one where you walk up in between two baddies and then simultaneously thrust hidden blades through their ears. I mean....that's a given. But also way awesome is in Brotherhood to walk up to one of the patrolling guard squads and poison the one with the halberd. Watching him go bat-shit insane and take down all his guard-buddies never gets old. 
Screen Shot

Screen Shot from Multiplayer

Which game did you like the best, and what is your favourite move/jump/kill in Assassins Creed?

søndag den 8. maj 2011

Audi Gentleman's Racer

Concept car I believe
Have a look at this beauty. Can you imagine the most awesome, sophisticated villain driving this thing around being all posh with his top-hat and diamond-head cane with a build in sword? Since I got so much feedback at the Mercedes SLS AMG , I figured you guys wouldn't mind another car. So, any takers for this one?

Close-up. The wheels are absolutely bad ass, must be in family with the grill.
Also doesn't exist in black.