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onsdag den 4. maj 2011

Good advice for my fellow bloggers

Hey guys,

Here are some free SEO experience, tips and tricks I have learned over time! :)

Most people think that if they add keywords like lady gaga, free download, Justin Biebers hairy feet and other popular tags they'll get more hits, but the truth is somewhat different.
If you are targeting keywords which are over-competitive and which have front page domination by Government and authority sites, your business will be relegated to the also-rans on pages 2 or 3 or worse.
Result? Minimal traffic. and a under-performing blog!

OK! Lets give a brief outline of what you should be looking for in keyword phrases

Firstly – keywords are the phrases which people are typing in to the various search bars (mainly Google at about 70% of searches) when they are looking for an answer, a product, a solution to a problem or a service.
But, here is the important part.
There is no advantage gained from marketing on particular keywords if they are not the phrases your potential real ( Real as in the people you really want to visit, no use having someone finding your blog then getting annoyed because that was not what he was looking for) visitors are typing in. You may find top search keywords with an awesome amount of traffic but these people may not be your customers. Finding keywords which directly reflect the thoughts of your customers is the art here.
You want regulars, not browsers! Besides, just using high traffic keywords actually might not even work. I know for a fact that a lot of the search engines web crawlers compare the keywords to what is actually written on your blog and will sort you behind others if the actual content varies too much from what you'd like it too seem as. 70 % of the keywords, atleast, should also appear in your website, the more times the better.

Some of this might be a little bit ambitious for your average blog, but the outline about adding keywords and meta tags to your blog is important if you want to get noticed in the world wide web jungle! I used this website to auto generate meta tags Blogger Tricks and there was a nifty guide aswell! Have a good wedensday everybody!

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kxxthanxx sagde ...

wow really good post, bookmarked for future reference.

Anonym sagde ...

That was really useful. bookmarked and followed.

apothecarie sagde ...

thanks for this post, I'm definitely going to start tagging because I haven't so far. followed because I like your style!

FunkyDuckman sagde ...

Interesting stuff, I didn't know about this at all.

Xenototh sagde ...

Wait... you can do stuff like that to direct traffic to your blog? I really am an amateur.

The Suit sagde ...

Awesome. I'll take this into consideration. I haven't even tried for specific keywords or anything.

Abletonian sagde ...

This was really helpful! I should look into this a bit more. Any other blog tips?

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